Ford Sync Scripts

Station Ad

version 1

Pandora In Station Advertisement, 15 - 30 seconds, 1 voice actor

“With the new, intuitive, SYNC 3 technology, its easier than ever for Ford owners to have responsive, voice-activated control over all of their devices while on the road. Access your favorite stations on Pandora, thumb up and thumb down songs, - all using voice commands. Smart hardware. Smart software. Smart design. Ford Sync 3. Now back to the Top Thumb Hundred mixtape.”

Station Ad

version 2


Pandora In Station Advertisement, 15 - 30 seconds, 1 voice actor

“Enhance your driving experience with Ford's new SYNC 3 technology. Seamless voice activated control over all of your devices makes it easier than ever to fully explore your world while navigating the road ahead. And with SYNC 3, not only can you launch your favorite Pandora stations, but you can thumb up and thumb down songs, for the next Top Thumb Hundred. So lets get back to it.”


Ford Narrative

version 3

Pandora Advertisement Script, 30 sec limit, 2 voice actors

2 people: Husband and wife. Both are silly and have a sense of humor that plays off of each other. Wife is driving.

[SFX: Step in car, close doors, car starts]

(man speaks with sarcasm)
MAN: Gotta love holiday shopping.

(mimics his sarcasm)
WOMAN: The crowds.

MAN: The lines..

WOMAN: Parking..

[SFX: Sync sound.] [to Samantha]

MAN: Play Holiday Mix. [SFX: Sync sound.]

SAMANTHA: Play Holiday Mix.

[MUSIC: peaceful, warm holiday music fills the car]

[warmer tone, no more sarcasm]

WOMAN: I guess there's also the presents..

MAN: And the food..

WOMAN: And, the music.

[SFX: Driving sounds.]

MAN: You know -- the holidays aren't so bad.

WOMAN: That gets a thumbs-up from me.

FEMALE ANNOUNCER: With Ford SYNC, put the power back in your hands, with voice activation of all your favorite Pandora Stations."" "